Monday, May 20, 2013

Bout of Books Read-A-Thon Sum Up

Yes, I realize this is really late. But... better late than never right?? Maybe.. Anyway, here is how my last week was :) 

I was not entirely successful goal wise, but I really enjoyed it and I think that's the most important part!

Here were my goals:
-Read at least 4 books. I read 3 1/2. I was sooo close! On saturday, when I planned to finish my book I ended up getting called into work all day so I was unable to finish reading my last book. Now that the read a thon is over I have kind of relaxed am taking my time with the book, This Girl by Colleen Hoover, but I should complete it this week :) The books I completed are Wait for You by J. Lynn, Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover. You can click on the title for my reviews of the first two!
-Comment on 5 blogs participating each day. I failed miserably at this one. I explored quite a few the first two days but after that, not so much. 
-Read at least 3 hours each day. I did this every day except Saturday and Sunday. I expected it Sunday but Saturday ended up being a really long day so I didn't get to read much. 
-Update daily on sidebar. FAIL. I started to update it Monday and ended up deleting this whole little section.
-Post a review for each book I finish. I am still working on my review for Point of Retreat and I have not yet completed This Girl so they are not up yet, but they will be within the week!
-Update twitter as often as I want :) (At least a few times a day). I did this a lot the first few days and a lot less toward the end of the week. 

Now that I am looking at this I don't think I completed any of my goals! But you know, to me its more about reading and having fun, not just the goals. Also, after doing this now I know what I need to do differently next time :)

How did you guys do on your read a thon?

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